NCT Maknae (?)

Wassup guys! i just discovered from nct holly crap! there are 21 members all like seriously??!! *heol* what im going to say here is, i think there is someone who yeah i think suits to be a maknae but!! i just randomly think abt that i dont really know them actually.

This guy is yah look down

Ok the one who is holding the fan isnt he is cute hiiiii yeah i will try my best to get to know him more.

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5 K-pop songs about break-ups

Break-ups is the worst thing happened in anybody’s life. Many said that singers also get in this problem thats why some have ideas to write great lyrics.

Here are some songs that tell us about how painful is a







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5 Recommended K-pop songs to hear when you are sad

* nice TY wallpaper made by me ๐Ÿ˜Ž*

Hello there! so here i am again to recommend you some of k-pop songs when you are not in mood or sad.

So whenever i was in a difficult situation or had problems with my parents/friends/exam results , i will play those songs and look up for the lyrics :

1) A.C.E – 5TAR

2) DAY6 – YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL (english ver.)


4) MINA – GOOD PERSON (cover)


Some lyrics may contain about the break-ups with bf/gf or when you’re upset about your crush went on a date something like that lol. So so so! don’t be sad dear you’re precious!โค๐ŸŒˆ

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Hello and good evening!

Ok first of all, aku nk bagitau prkataan rebellious tu sbnrnya aku amik dari lyrics lagu NCT-Go. Ntahla nape tpi suka sgt dgn prkataan tu. Lgi2 ada dlm part my bias Jaemin omgomggg (ok huff tarik nafas) naemin tu sbnrnga gabungan Na+Jaemin. ntah dtg dari mana idea nk buat naemin๐Ÿ˜‚ aku tambahla mrs kat dpn rebellious tu, sbb aku kan gegirl huehuehue

ok bye!

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Depresi (the signs of depression)

Ckp ttg depression ni mesti semua dh tahu apa tu depression kan. Aku ada terbaca satu post ni, dlm tu byk ah psl depression. but guys, we had mostly the signs of the depression in us tpi kita je tak perasan. Maybe dia mcm minor je, xsampai tahap serious lgi.

Apa yg aku igt, tnda2 dia tu mcm mudah marah, selalu pendam masalah, suka duduk sorang2, selalu termenung, and yg paling common is merasakan diri xsebagus orang lain means mcm dia dah buat yg terbaik tpi dia je yg rasa kerja dia buat tu xsebagus cam org lain.

Sbnrnya kan, semua tu brpunca dari pemikiran negatif kita sendiri. So what can i say is, just be yourself la. Biarla apa yg kita buat tu buruk kat mata orang, janji kita puas hati. Ok? i love u so u must love yourself =)

My First Entry (yeaay introduction ofc)

So guys this is my first time writing something on my own blog omg and yes this is my first time making a blog on my own. So i have a lot of things to learn on this blog, actually. So as an introduction, im from Malaysia and im 15 years old girl. but i wont tell you guys what is my actual name, where do i live, where is my school and other private information hihihi *grin* ok ill stop it here for now. See you in the next entry!